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  • Seafood Inspired by French-Mediterranean on the Caribbean
Your Ultimate Coastal Retreat Awaits

Where sun-kissed sands meet crystal-clear waters. Lounge in luxury cabanas, enjoy tropical cocktails, and relish beachfront dining. SO'OL cuisine is reminiscent of the Mediterranean with Mexican touches, offering simple cooking and a focus on freshness. An ideal beach side concept from the mind of the talented and award-wining Mexican Chef Tomás Bermúdez.

  • Mediterranean cuisine with Mexican touches.

    The food gravitates around fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, complimented by a variety of vinegars, lemon and olive oils. Dishes will reflect those found in beach clubs on the Côte d'Azur: whole fish, grilled meat, salads, and oysters.


  • Innovative Mixology
    Innovative Mixology with a Mexican Personality

    With cues from Mediterranean influences, the nuanced cocktails of SO'OL embrace the full range of Mexican spirits under the umbrella of modern mixology, including a non-alcoholic segment which includes house made kombuchas and inspired aguas frescas. An equally balanced wine program offers a selection from Mexico with a focus on low-intervention wines and producers from the Baja California region.

Tomás Bermúdez
Tomás Bermúdez

Bermúdez, a chef trained in Buenos Aires and Europe, co-founded La Docena in 2012 in Mexico. He prioritizes simplicity, quality ingredients, and sustainable sourcing. Known for pioneering dishes like Ensenada striped bass and Mexican Wagyu beef, he promotes diversity and sustainability in food. As an ambassador of Mexican cuisine, he has presented his work and given lectures across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.