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Meet The Chef

The culinary world of Tomás Bermúdez

Bermúdez began his gastronomic training in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After his stay in the capital of Buenos Aires, he undertook a trip to Europe to do professional internships in hotels and restaurants before returning to Buenos Aires to complete his training at Mausi Sebess. Upon his return to Mexico in 2008, he worked at La Porteña, an Argentine restaurant in Guadalajara, to relieve chef Fernando Trocca. There he met his current partners, Alejandro de la Peña and Claudio Javelly, with whom he opened La Docena in 2012. Throughout his career he has worked in various internationally renowned restaurants, such as La Parrilla del Pobre Luis, in Buenos Aires; Martín Berasategui, in Spain, and Le Chateaubriand, by Iñaki Aizpitarte, in Paris. For Bermúdez, the simplicity of the proposal, the quality of the ingredients, and the cooking technique are essential. The search for the best foods is the driving force of their work. Therefore, over the years it has dedicated itself to establishing relationships with sustainable producers and suppliers on the coasts of Mexico. Likewise, it constantly travels through various agricultural areas in the national territory to obtain the best product. Thanks to its research, La Docena was a pioneer restaurant in including Ensenada striped bass, or Mexican Wagyu beef, in its offering. They have also contributed to democratizing oyster consumption, by bringing it to wider and more varied audiences. This work, as well as a friendly relationship with the Mexican and international gastronomic community, have made him an ambassador of Mexico to publicize diversity, richness, and a sustainable way of approaching food and producers. He has been invited to cook and give lectures to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Panama, in the American continent, and to Spain, France, England, and Israel, in Europe and the Middle East.